Spain bans Serbian nationals from entering the country

Serbian citizens will be banned from entering Spain from midnight tonight, Serbian Ambassador Katarina Lalic has told Tanjug.

She underlined that Spain made that decision based on the recommendation of the European Union, which has “removed” Serbia and Montenegro from the list of countries whose citizens can travel to EU member-states.

“Serbia and Montenegro are not on the last list approved by the European Union, and Spain, based on that EU recommendation, made the decision that our citizens will not be able to enter Spain from midnight tonight,” said Lalic.

She says the decision will be valid until the end of July, when the EU is expected to reconsider the list of countries whose citizens can travel to member-states.

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 The epidemiological situation in Spain is worrying; exactly one month after the state of emergency was lifted in the country, when 141 cases of coronavirus infection had been recorded in 24 hours, 529 new cases were recorded yesterday, four or five times more than a month ago.

Since 21 June, almost 19,000 people infected with the virus have been registered in Spain.

The fact that there are around 14,000 people infected in just two weeks is a huge cause for worry, Lalic says and adds that 99 people have died from the coronavirus in Spain since the state of emergency was lifted and nine deaths were recorded last week.

“About 266,000 cases have been recorded in Spain since the outbreak of the pandemic and about 28,500 people have died from the infection, making this country one of the most affected in Europe,” she recalls.

(RTV, 22.07.2020)



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