South Korean Corporation Yura Expands in Leskovac

Before the end of the year, the South Korean Corporation Yura will finish construction on a new plant which will allow it to add between 700 and 1000 new employees to its current workforce of 1524. 

The city of Leskovac has granted 3.7 hectares of land to the South Korean automobile cable company free of charge. The city has obtains bank guarantees of 114 million Dinars (the value of the land) for the land, which was previously used by the failed company Jugexpress and was taken over by the city of Leskovac with the help of the Serbian government.

“Leskovac is the first city that has taken over a failed company in order to turn it over to a new investor. We did the same with Sintetika. The Turkish company Jeansci, which already operates in Leskovac, now has its headquarters there,” stated Mayor Goran Cvetanović.

Due to Yura’s investment, the city will add 100 million Dinars to its coffers. An additional 100,000 euro will be paid to municipal operators over the course of the project.

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