Some of Dacic’s party colleagues against Vucic’s SNS

Novica Toncev, vice-president of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), of which Ivica Dacic is the head, threatened to organize a protest in the south of Serbia because of the behaviour of local officials from the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), who, as he claims, “are bribing local officials and want to change management in local public enterprises”.

At the session of the Surdulica Town Assembly, Toncev said that the protests that are taking place in Belgrade will also migrate to the south of Serbia.

“We will block the Belgrade-Skopje highway with 5,000-6,000 people in case another executive from SPS in public institutions is replaced with someone from the SNS. Surdulica is the only free territory in Serbia, and it is the only place where there is no darkness and no fear,” said the politician, although he then defended the central government, saying he doesn’t have anything against it.

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“At the local level, the SNS, with Dragan Stevanović at its helm, is bribing our councillors and wants to replace them. We have won in the election here and now they want our seats. I do not support the protests in Belgrade, we have nothing to do with them. I have nothing against the central government, as this is a matter of local government. We (SPS) are also members of the Serbian government, but this is a local government, it has nothing to do with the parliament of the Republic”, says Toncev.

Toncev is not the only one top official from the SPS to deny the alliance with the SNS. The son of Vesna Dmitrić, the head of the town planning administration in Čačak, Lazar, actively participates in the protests against the government.. He posted the photos of the protest on his Facebook account.

As confirmed by SNS party member Aleksandar Maksimović, Dmitrić is still a member of the SPS party, according to the coalition agreement of 2012 and 2016.

“It is outrageous that such people, who are in the positions they are in thanks to the parties, are participating in demonstrations with the aim of overthrowing the government they work for. They are government employees,” said Maksimović.

In addition to these two officials, other SPS members have also taken part in the violent protests of recent days, including Vladimir Škundrić, son of former Minister Petar Škundrić, then advisor to Minister Goran Trivan, brother of Cabinet Chief Branko Ružić, etc.

President Aleksandar Vučić has already commented on this, calling it “a betrayal”:

“A large number of SPS officials think that Vučić has ruined their dreams; they don’t like me because they can’t steal with me.

(Kurir, 13.07.2020)

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