Solution for Kosovo issue by the end of 2019?

The obvious delay in the negotiations and then the collapse in talks contributed to the postponement of the decisions regarding the Kosovo issue, although it is more than obvious that the western part of the international community believes it is time to solve the current problems in the Western Balkans just as much as Russia wants no solution so that the region could remain “the pebble in Europe’s shoe”.

This is what Dragan Sutanovac, a former Serbian defence minister and former president of the Democratic Party, says in response to the news published in the media outlets close to President Vucic which reported that the Kosovo issue would be postponed until allegedly by Donald Tramp’s next term as president of the United States.

“After Montenegro and Macedonia, it is more than obvious that the conditions have been met, as well as the need to resolve the issue of Belgrade-Pristina relations, and in that sense, and from the point of view of the US administration, there is no logic in postponing it any longer. On the contrary. Just like North Macedonia joining NATO in November this year, will be a plus for the Trump administration, so it would the resolution of the problem with Kosovo. Longer the solution is postponed, more it hurts official Belgrade because we can see that what the offer on the table is getting smaller by the day and the number of Serbs in Kosovo is being reduced every day,” Sutanovac adds.

Dragan Djukanovic, a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences and President of the Centre for Foreign Policy, estimates that the resolution of the Kosovo issue would bring the EU and the US closer and that the absence of the consent between these two powers is precisely the reason for the delay.

“Until the EU and the US reach an agreement on the framework and content of the Kosovo dialogue there will be no progress in the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina. The EU has a problem with intensifying dialogue, and without involving the United States, it will hardly come to that. However, I think that the final solution will have been reached by the end of 2019,” Professor Djukanovic added.

A publicist and philosopher from Kosovo, Shkelzen Maliqi, told the Danas daily that there were no certain indications that Trump “decided” to postpone the resolution of the Kosovo issue for the second term, which, according to our interlocutor, he is unlikely to win.

“I think that is a fabrication to push aside the fact that the idea of the land swap has been defeated, as if Trump would outsmart the EU and Merkel in the second term, who, by the way, would not be a German chancellor by then. Nothing is gained by depositing or investing in a frozen conflict. We will all be at a loss if the Kosovo problem is not resolved since it has been perpetuated since the Security Council Resolution 1244 was adopted, which the International Court of Justice has practically made null and void”, says Shkelzen Maliqi.

Maliqi also says that Vucic would be better off if Serbia recognized the independence of Kosovo because that process is irreversible, and then negotiate demarcation with Kosovo, with possible consensual border correction, or through international arbitration.

(Danas, 16.05.2019)

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