Software companies:”The e-invoice system is not ready for use”

Software companies are not ready for the full implementation of the e-invoice system, which is why the Association of Software Producers of Serbia (UPSS) has requested that it be postponed. Otherwise, if there are delays and inefficiency in the implementation, the entire business sector will be blocked, UPSS warns.

UPSS says that the main reasons for the postponement are:

– The system has not been tested at the peak load.

– The e-invoices system is still changing.

– Software companies have no capacity to react to new law amendments, technical changes in the Electronic Invoice System (SEF), or changes in the exchange of documentation between companies.

– The holiday season is always a bad time to begin a project of this size.

– The users have not managed to harmonize their business procedures and habits with the principles of record keeping required by SEF.

– According to the experiences from other countries, the recommendation is for changes this big to be carried out in phases.

– Some of the important rules and regulations have not been clarified to the extent where they would ensure a clear execution of business procedures in terms of legal security and procedural issues.

The use of the e-invoices system is mandatory for most companies from January 1, 2023.

“We believe that this is a strategic project of enormous importance for Serbia and we are ready to help as much as we can with its realization. However, we want to warn you that a sudden implementation without adequate preparation can create a huge number of problems and cause irreparable damage to the business sector,” UPSS adds.

(eKapija, 24.12.2022)

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