Software developers earn the most while catering staff earns the least in Serbia

Official statistical data show that in Serbia, software developers and consultants earn three times more than the total average of employees in the country – 227,823 dinars (data from February this year).

The lowest salaries in the same period were recorded in food preparation and service, who earn an average of fewer than 40,000 dinars.

Data collated by the State Statistics Bureau show that it is also profitable to work in the production of coke and oil derivatives, where on average employees earn just over 155,000 dinars, as well as in the production of tobacco products (110,000 dinars) and air transport (153,644 dinars), Tanjug news agency reports.

Other higher-than-average salaries include those received by the employees in the supply of electricity, gas and steam sectors (an average of 95,586 dinars), mining 100,706 dinars, financial and insurance activities 103,693 dinars, scientific and technical activities 95,974 dinars and state administration 81,949 dinars.

In addition to the aforementioned sectors,  employees in agriculture, forestry and fishing earned less than the national average – 58,045 dinars, as did employees in the furniture sector 48,205 dinars, construction 60,234 dinars, shop workers 58,123 dinars, land transport 49,106 dinars, real estate sales 64,836 dinars, education 66,464 dinars, and employees in arts, entertainment and recreation who earned 58,431 dinars.

Employees involved in computer repair, travel agencies, clothing manufacturing and woodworking also received lower than average salaries of between 40,000 and 45,000 dinars.

(Politika, 04.05.2022)

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