SNS to nominate Aleksandar Vucic as Serbian President in next election?

At the assembly meeting of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), announced for 12 or 13 November, Aleksandar Vučić could be again nominated as a candidate for the presidency of Serbia, media reports say.

The party’s assembly meeting, at which the new leadership is supposed to be elected, has been postponed several times (the previous one was held in May 2016) and the last time was announced for 21 to 24 October.

Probably for the first time since the founding of the SNS party 13 years ago, Vučić had not attended the party’s Executive Council session, held on 18 September, as he had spent that weekend in Istanbul, at Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s villa on the Bosphorus.

Political pundits have dismissed the speculation that Vučić might formally step down as party president at this assembly meeting in order to campaign for a second term at the helm of Serbia as the ‘president of all citizens’. It is more likely that he will eventually announce that he might formally resign from the party function if he is re-elected president of Serbia in 2022.

Here is what Miloš Vučević, vice-president of the SNS, said after the 18 September meeting: “At today’s meeting of the Executive Council, several proposals were made not to elect the party’s president at the next congress, which will be held from 21 to 24 October, but to do so in the spring, after the election of the President of Serbia.”

The majority of the Council expects Vučić to continue leading the party. “I think he has a moral obligation to accept the candidacy for President of the Republic as well. He has this obligation towards a Serbia and its citizens who want to see Serbia as a normal, decent state, developing, progressing, winning,” Vučević underlined.

(Danas, 04.11.2021)


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