SNS-sponsored bots made 10 million comments online

The Internet bots of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), 3,456 of them, wrote about 10 million comments to more than 200,000 online articles in one year, the SNS Executive Board said in Cacak.

As reported by, the SNS representatives stated that in the 24 hours prior to their meeting in Cacak, 1,147 pieces of news were filtered through the SNS system and that the party bots made over 43,000 comments. Vojvodina is the leader when it comes to the activities of the SNS’s Internet team, with the bots from the South Banat District branded the most active. 

The SNS representatives have also said that the activists from Vojvodina have shown their commitment to the party, by filling in the quotas when it comes to attending the party’s activities and events elsewhere in Serbia. Vojvodina activists also bring the biggest number of SNS members with them to the party’s various events.  

As explained by the Deputy Speaker of the Vojvodina Assembly and a member of the SNS presidency, Damir Zobenica, the activists usually count the people who have boarded the bus leaving for an SNS event before the trip even starts, the take the picture of them on the bus and immediately send them to the SNS HQ. 

“Of course, we have an ever-present problem of a number of people not coming, and even if they do, they disappear as soon as they arrive at the event. We can later find them at local cafes and bars. The only time when this did not happen was at the official opening of the Zezelj Bridge in Novi Sad, where our attendance quota was projected at 9,000, and we brought 400 people more. But that’s because there were no coffee shops or bars in the vicinity of the location”, said Zobenica in Cacak.

Another success in filling quotas, according to Zobenica, was the central celebration of the 10th anniversary of the SNS in Kraljevo. The party’s activists in Vojvodina had to bring 3,000 people to Kraljevo and brought about 70 more, which ended up in over a half of those people who were brought not being able to enter the hall where the event was held.

The Deputy Speaker of the Vojvodina Assembly also praised the successes of the SNS candidates at the elections for members of the Local Councils in some municipalities, even in areas where the Hungarians and Ruthenians are the majority population. He also mentioned the engagement of the teams from Vojvodina in the pre-election campaign in Dragačevo.

(, 03.12.2018)



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