SNS pushing people to attend its protest on May 26

A supporter of the Zajedno party, Nikola Nešić, said that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is putting pressure on workers in public and private companies to attend the rally that SNS is organizing on May 26.

People throughout Serbia are pressured and pushed to attend the rally as Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian President and president of SNS, wants it to be “the biggest in history”.

Vučić announced the rally immediately after the first mass protest titled “Serbia against Violence” took place on May 8 in Belgrade, which was organized by opposition parties.

Novi Sad: Planning departure for Belgrade

The SNS branch from Novi Sad gathered on Saturday to plan a trip to Belgrade.

The Novi Sad meeting was attended by all the members of the City Council from the ranks of this party, as well as the mayor Milan Đurić. The SNS branches across Vojvodina started an online campaign, whereby all SNS members are instructed to use an image with the caption “May 26, See you there” as profile picture on their social media.

SNS members from other Serbian towns like Užice, Požega, Kragujevac, Zaječar, Subotica and others are also instructed to come to Belgrade and attend the rally. Even SNS supporters from North Macedonia were told to come to the rally as free transportation will be provided for them.

Media have even speculated that each person who attends the rally will get per diems up to 5,000 dinars.

(Danas, 16.05.2023)

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