SNS officials who are in Telekom Serbia’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Telekom Serbia, which is in charge of controlling the operations of this company, one of the largest in Serbia and of which the Serbian government is one of the main owners, has recently approved the contract between Telekom Serbia and Telenor, which many media experts have assessed as exerting political pressure on the competition in the telecommunications sector.

According to N1, the government has devised a way to try to destroy free media in Serbia with the help of Telekom which plans to join forces with Telenor, of which majority holder is the Czech tycoon Petr Kellner, in order to reduce the market share of the SBB Company below 30% thus preventing the financing of media such as N1, Nova S, and Sport Klub.

While the government publicly swears by European values, it is trying in every way to prevent the existence of free media, this time through the destruction of a private company, N1 reports.

The names on the board of directors of Telekom Serbia are linked to the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and further justify the concerns and motivations that would push SBB and United Group out of the market.

The first name on the list of the Board of Directors is Jana Ljubičić. As an executive director, she has a monthly salary of 316,000 dinars. However, this is only one of her jobs. She is also a member of the State Electoral Commission (RIK) on behalf of the Serbian Progressive Party and also receives a salary as a member of the Main Council of the Serbian Progressive Party. In 2019, she was also the chairperson of the Zemun Municipal Election Commission.

In addition to Ljubicic, Telekom’s Board of Directors also includes Professor Milenko Dzeletovic, founder and creator of the economic programme of the Serbian Progressive Party. He currently serves as the financial director of Telekom Serbia, but also as the chairman of the Economic Council of the SNS party. Some time ago, he was involved in several scandals related to Telekom Serbia and other people from the Serbian political scene, recalls

Drasko Markovic is another director of Telekom Serbia, notorious for verbally attacking women, especially from the opposition. In August last year, Markovic verbally disparaged Marinika Tepic, vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party, and took away her microphone during a press conference, preventing her from continuing her presentation.

A fitter by profession, he allegedly graduated from FABUS (a privately-owned faculty) and got a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Organization Sciences in Belgrade.

When he was appointed director at Telekom, Markovic automatically became a member of the Red Star Sports Association. Given his numerous functions and privileges, independent media once concluded that it is very strange how he owns very little, according to the property report published on the official website of the Anti-Corruption Agency.

Once a staunch supporter of the Serbian Radical Party and now of the Serbian Progressive Party, he “made his debut” on the political scene in 1994 by beating up the Yugoslav Assembly Speaker, Radoman Božović. Since then, Markovic has almost disappeared and little is known about the details of his subsequent life. However, what is certain is that he is exceptionally humble and servile towards the state’s top authorities, but quite arrogant towards his subordinates.

(N1, 31.01.2021)

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