SNS offering its members money, food and a day off work if they attend the Belgrade rally

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, says that the May 26th rally will be “the largest meeting in the history of Serbia”.

The organization of this counter-rally followed mass protests by citizens who took to the streets dissatisfied with the atmosphere and pervasive violence in society. There are still 11 days left until the mentioned gathering of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) members, but the preparations have been underway for quite some time.

Each local SNS branch was given orders from the SNS headquarters as to how many members from that particular town should attend the rally,  employees in the public sector have already been informed that they will be sent on a “special work assignment” on that day, over 2,000 buses have already been booked, and the pro-regime media are strictly instructed to constantly report about the 200,000-strong-march of SNS members to Belgrade.

Instead of reducing tensions and demonstrating unity as the president of all citizens, Aleksandar Vučić took a radical step by organizing the counter-rally to further deepen divisions in society.

The gathering of the Progressives comes before the SNS Assembly meeting, at which the president will allegedly step down as the SNS president. Vučić will also announce the date of the new elections, as well as some other “interesting decisions”.

The extent to which the protests shook the President of Serbia is shown by the fact that the Progressives decided to rent as many as 2,200 buses for the counter-rally. The price of getting SNS members to Belgrade could range from 330,000 euros to an incredible 1,210,000 euros.

According to public sector employees, many will get a day off on Friday, May 26. Some, however, also face threats.

A woman from Zrenjanin who wished to stay anonymous said:” I was also invited to the meeting on May 26. I wasn’t invited, and I am not a member of any party, but as they say, I have to be on the list because of my job. I am in a serious dilemma about whether to go or not because for the first time. I feel that I have not been given a choice. People are blackmailed and forced to go. I’ve been crying for two days now.”

(, 17.05.2023)

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