SNS: No early parliamentary election

President of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic said that the party’s presidency had decided today that there would not be early parliamentary election.

He added that the decision not to call early elections was almost unanimous with only two votes against.

“My point is that our state and national interests are more important than our party’s interests. I think that it is more important that we apply ourselves to resolving long-standing issues, and deal with the future of our nation and children, rather than being calculating. Members of the SNS’s presidency voted in favour of this idea, with two votes against”, Vucic said.

As far as the SNS candidates for the Belgrade election, there will be chosen based on the results accomplished so far rather than on their political affiliations.

The SNS election list will contain more non-partisan people. Also, there will be no candidates that hold position in the government, and all of the candidates will be respectable citizens of Belgrade – Vucic clarified.

Although the current Belgrade mayor, Sinisa Mali will be one of the SNS candidates at Belgrade election, he won’t be the first on the election list.

“The election in Belgrade is definitely going to take place in March. It is up to the National Parliament’s Speaker, Maja Gojkovic to call them”, Vucic outlined.

When asked by the journalists to comment on Sasa Jankovic’s statement regarding election fraud that the Progressives were allegedly getting ready to commit, Vucic replied: “I don’t know what to tell you about that. They (the opposition) will have five times more observers in each poll than we are going to have. However, they are aware that they will lose the election, and I think that that is the reason why they are giving such statements”.

Vucic also mentioned the results of the latest public survey that he received last night, and said that his adversaries got the results this morning which probably prompted them to start talking about election fraud.

(Politika, 10.01.2018)


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