SNS “importing” voters from the Republic of Srpska?

After the president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Djilas, published a video showing the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is “importing voters” to the Serbian capital before the elections, a new video was sent to Nova showing the scheme of registering new “residents” in Belgrade.

The video, obtained by the Freedom and Justice Party, which was made on February 3, shows who are not from Belgrade are given residency in the city. At the same time, a dialogue was recorded with one of the coordinators of this campaign, who, according to his own confession, is in charge of doing the job.

The head of the Belgrade branch of the Freedom and Justice Party, Mila Popović, says that the mentioned video is another confirmation that the SNS is bringing in people who do not live in Belgrade in order to increase the number of voters who will vote for them in the upcoming elections.

“The Serbian Progressive Party is no longer succeeding in blackmailing or pressuring the families of party members to collect enough votes for the elections in Belgrade. They destroyed Belgrade and want to continue spending and abusing billions of euros on completely wrong projects, which do not benefit the people of Belgrade. That is why they are bringing people in from the Republic of Srpska who do not live in Belgrade, who will officially become residents of Belgrade in order to vote for the SNS “, she warns.

Popović adds that, after the first video surfaced, the Progressives tried to change the strategy of issuing citizenship.

“It simply came to our notice then. The fact remains that they continued to falsely register the citizens of the Republic of Srpska as Belgraders. When the first video became public, they started panicking because they are becoming aware that they will lose votes in Belgrade. We will inform the European Union and the OSCE about these abuses. We believe that the people of Belgrade will decidedly show (in the election) what kind of city they want to live in and will not allow the SNS to deceive them,” she concluded.

Earlier, the president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Djilas, had released a video clip showing the ruling party “importing” secure votes from the Republic of Srpska.

(Nova, 06.02.2022)

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