SNS candidates for Belgrade election – actors, dancers, athletes, surgeons, university professors

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has released a list of its candidates for the upcoming election in Belgrade. None of the first 20 candidates on the list are politicians.

These are some of the candidates:

  1. Dr Zoran Radojicic – director of the University Children Hospital in Tirsova Street in Belgrade, a renowned surgeon, and a professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine.
  2. Aja Jung – one of the best ballet dancers in Serbia, a graduate of the Luj Davico Ballet School, attended the famous Juilliard School, founder of the Belgrade Dance Festival, awarded the title of the French Knight of the Order of Arts in 2016.
  3. Dr Sima Avramovic – professor and dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Law.
  4. Vesna Stanojevic – coordinator of a network of women’s shelters, lawyer by profession.
  5. Slobodan Nakarada – acting director of the Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade, graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, completed specialization at the Columbia Business School in the US.
  6. Zivorad Nikoic – host and director of the popular folk programme ‘Zikina Sarenica’ at the Radio and Television of Serbia, a Russian language professor and a graduate of the Belgrade Faculty of Philology.

Other non-partisan SNS candidates include Dusica Bojic, museum advisor and director of the Historical Museum of Serbia, Branislav Milicevic, better known as Branko Kockica and host of popular children programmes, Caslav B. Mitrovic, professor and Head of the Department of Aeronautics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Dragana Pesic Belojevic, handball player, Bojana Boric Breckovic, historian and director The National Museum in Belgrade, Lepomir Ivkovic, the actor at the National Theater, Ljiljana Markovic, Head of the Department of Oriental Studies and the President of the Doctoral Studies Council at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Svetislav Goncic, actor, Jelena Nikolic Nenadic, Serbian volleyball player and a member of the Serbian national volleyball team, and several other persons who are not members of any political party.

(Blic, 14.01.2018)


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