SNS and SPAS merge into one political party

Aleksandar Vucic, the head of state and the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), agreed on Monday with Aleksandar Sapic, the head of the SPAS (Salvation) movement, to unite the two parties.

The move was announced earlier and triggered a series of attacks on Sapic, a former water polo player, a long-time president of the Novi Beograd municipality and the founder of the Budi Human (Be Humane) humanitarian organisation.

Neither Vucic nor Sapic talked to reporters after an hour-long meeting. Sapic earlier said the idea came from Vucic and that that was a logical move since his politics was not different from that of SNS.

Sapic, once seen as an opposition politician, had earlier complained about the pressure he and his movement were exposed to from the regime. In the past, Sapic had vowed never to cooperate with SNS.

However, he disagreed with the main opposition parties, which boycotted the 2020 general vote, claiming unfair conditions and took advantage of the election threshold reduced from five to three percent to enter the parliament, getting 4.2 percent of support.

The public has often mocked Sapic for the lack of education, and his PhD was challenged as plagiarism, which he denied.

(Nova, 11.05.2021)


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