Snap parliamentary elections: Confrontation between SNS and opposition

Opposition MPs have expressed reservations regarding the decision made by the SNS that only Belgrade elections would take place next March, and not parliamentary ones. Opposition MPs also believe that the decision was not final, and that Serbian President and the President of SNS, Aleksandar Vucic has a final say in this matter.

Aleksandra Jerkov from the Democratic Party says that the decision that top officials from the SNS have made is practically “unimportant” because they don’t have the authority to decide about elections. Also, she reminds, Serbian Constitution says that no political party is allowed to play the role of a state and subject the state to itself.

Jerkov believes that Vucic will decide in favour of snap parliamentary elections if public opinion surveys show that they would benefit his party or himself personally.

Head of the Dveri political party, Bosko Obradovic also thinks that snap parliamentary elections will happen if the Progressives come to the conclusion that that would benefit them.

“My comment on this entire hoopla is that we cannot trust Aleksandar Vucic with anything. He has broken his promises so many times. He swore that he would never reduce pensions in Serbia, and what was the first thing he did when he was appointed prime minister – yes, reduced pensions. He also swore that he was not interested in becoming Serbian president”, Obradovic reminds.

Head of the SDS caucus, Marko Djurisic believes that the top officials from the SNS did not make a final decision, adding that they had changed their minds many times before in the past too.

“I don’t believe that this is a final decision because Vucic needs parliamentary elections to disguise the bad results at Belgrade election, and to make it harder for the opposition to have good election results”, Djurisic adds.

(Blic, 20.11.2017)


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