Snap election to be called on May 9, voting in June?

If the top officials from the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) decide in favour of snap parliamentary elections, they will most likely be called on May 9th, and take place on June 23rd.

Another option that is circulating is for the election to take place on June 30th, in which case the elections would be called on May 16th.

If these dates are anything to go by, political parties in Serbia will have 45 days to conduct their election campaigns. The final decision regarding the snap parliamentary election will be made by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and he is going to announce it on May 6th, after his meeting with the leaders of China, Russia, Germany and France.

The leaders of the SNS are all in favour of the early election, and the pressure is on Vucic to call them after the Alliance for Serbia stepping up its protests.

An SNS official, Goran Vesic said on Wednesday that the party would decide on two important issues after the upcoming holidays – countermeasures against Pristina regarding their tax on Serbian goods and snap parliamentary election.

“Until then, it will be clear which direction is the process of finding a solution for the Kosovo problem is going to take. In terms of scheduling early elections, we are going to decide what is best for Serbia, not for our party,” Vesic added.

(Vecernje Novosti, 18.04.2019)


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