Smederevo Steelworks is top exporter in July

Fiat Chrysler Serbia remains the biggest exporter in Serbia in the period from January to July, 2017, while, in July, the biggest exporter was HBIS Group (former Hesteel) which owns the steel plant in Smederevo.

Since the beginning of this year, the 15 biggest Serbian exporters exported a total of 2.4 billion EUR worth of goods.

In the observed period, Fiat’s export was 600.4 million EUR, HBIS Group’s 321.1 million EUR, and Tigar Pirot’s 210.8 million EUR. These are followed by Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) which export was valued at 168.1 million EUR, Tetra Pak Production with 129.2 million EUR, and HIP Petrohemija with 114.6 million EUR.

The seventh place (on the list of the biggest export companies) is occupied by Leoni from Prokuplje which exported 105-million-EUR worth of goods in the observed period, the Robert Bosch Company is 8th with 103.7 million EUR, Hemofarm 9th with 100.9 million EUR, and MK Group 10th with 100.5 million EUR worth of export.

Other companies that have made it to the top 15th list are Victoria Group, Gorenje, RTB Bor, YURA Corporation, and Grundfos from Indjija.

 (Politika, 01.09.2017)

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