Entrepreneurs warn of state budget abuse

The Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople of Serbia Association believes that at this time, there is no justification for adopting a new taxation law.

A public hearing on the draft taxation law took place in the Serbian parliament and the Ministry of Finance claims that the new law is justified by the need to suppress the shadow economy and modernize the taxation system.

Serbian business community, on the other hand, list a number of reasons why this law should not be passed at this time.

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The Association says that the new taxation law has absolutely no impact on combating the shadow economy, because it is not fundamentally different from the current one. To combat the shadow economy and the black market, other mechanisms are needed that have nothing to do with this law.

Entrepreneurs also claim that the new law orders that businesses have to purchase additional fiscal devices which cost 46,000 dinars each. It is not known what percentage of the cost falls on the businesses and what portion is subsidized. And nobody knows what kind of devices the law stipulates.

“In the midst of the crisis, when the economy is struggling to survive, the state has provided a subsidy in the budget in the amount of 3 billion dinars (with no data on how much businesses should pay). This is process that could have been easily postponed for two years and the money redirected to parts of the economy that are at risk. We ask the authorities if the businesses could maybe install a software application instead of these new devices, which is a cheaper option, but have not received a reply as yet,” the Association says.

The Association concludes that the tax bill does not fundamentally change anything and there is no need to spend money on things that are not of immediate importance in the midst of the crisis. An additional concern and doubt is the fact that a sum of 5 million dinars has been set aside for the designing the new logo of Putevi Srbije (which usually doesn’t cost more than 50,000 dinars), which is unacceptable and absurd to do during the crisis.

“Stop abusing the state budget, stop impoverishing the economy which is already on the brink of death!” the Association appeals.

(Nova, 13.12.2020)


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