Slow return to normalcy in Serbia; more workers in factories from today

The opening of cafes and restaurants, shops and parks, as well as the planned resumption of public transport, will kickstart the production activity the country’s factories as more employees will be able to return to their jobs.

After the May Day holidays, most of the companies in Serbia that had suspended production due to the coronavirus outbreak have returned to work.

After the recent relaxation of the anti-corona measures, some 400 companies have resumed their work, and close to 42,000 workers returned to work on 1 May together with two-thirds of the small businesses re-opening.

Since the beginning of the state of emergency, the Serbian textile industry, which has about 1,800 companies with 64,000 employees, has been among the first to respond to the crisis.

Some of these companies have shifted their main production on masks, protective clothing, etc.

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Having satisfied the needs for masks and protective equipment, many textile companies are now returning to their core business, while some have continued to produce masks for export.

Due to the epidemic, some 16,000 production workers stopped working and several companies decided to suspend production altogether.

As of today, several large tyre and rubber manufacturers are also resuming production.

During the state of emergency, the chemical industry was one of the most active industries, especially factories producing alcohol, disinfectants, biocides, bags for infectious products, industrial gases…

The company Pan Alko Sistem from Belgrade, which produces molasses ethyl alcohol with a production capacity of 25,000 litres per day, has never stopped production during the state of emergency.

Their rubbing alcohol is mainly sold to pharmacies and health institutions, and the only time of the year when their production is stopped is in July and August when temperatures are too high which has an adverse effect on production.

(RTV, 02.05.2020)

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