Slovenia’s Hocevar to open a factory in Svilajnac

The Slovenian food company Hocevar will open a production facility in Svilajnac, an investment worth EUR 10 million, and employ 50 workers in the initial stage.

The agreement stipulating the investment will be signed by the municipal officials and Hocevar this Wednesday, the municipality’s PR service announced.

Hocevar, which has a considerable share in the food markets in the European Union, Russia, South America and Asia, will operate in the New Business Zone in Svilajnac, where it will become the owner of the land and real estate, the press release reads.

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In the second stage, the company plans to employ an additional 100 workers.

Hocevar is the 14th investor that has invested in the municipality of Svilajnac with Japan’s Panasonic being the biggest investor here and employing over a thousand workers.

(RTV, 14.05.2019)

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