Slovenian glass packaging company Staklara Hrastnik takes over SFS Paraćin

Through its Swiss owner GlobalGlass, the Slovenian packaging glass company Staklara Hrastnik took over the Serbian glass factory SFS Paraćin.

As stated in the company’s press release, the two glass producers will become sister companies and contribute significantly to realising the group’s strategic plans.

Staklara Hrastnik is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of special glass packaging. By investing in the glass factory SFS Paraćin, which prior to the acquisition was bankrupt and the subject of the national programme for the revitalisation of the glass industry in Serbia, the GlobalGlass Group will increase the production capacity immediately up to 300 tonnes of glass per day, as well as extend the company’s product range.

General Director of Staklara Hrastnik, Peter Čas, said that the majority of production in Serbia would continue to focus on the standard quality of glass for the food industry, the needs of the Serbian market, and deliveries to the markets of south-eastern Europe, where there is a shortage of supply.

“Part of the product range will be relocated from Slovenia to the Paraćin plant. In this way, we intend to boost product quality and increase the added value and profitability of the Serbian production plant. In the meantime, the majority of exports will continue to be directed to the strategic markets of Western Europe,” Čas added.

The acquisition of the SFS Paraćin glassworks is still subject to the usual deferred conditions, including the consent of the relevant competition protection institutions in Serbia. The procedure is expected to be finalised by the end of the first quarter of next year.

(, 21.10.2022)

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