Slovak naive art in Serbia to be declared UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

The second Slovak Naive Art Festival in Serbia was opened with good news – naive art from the village of Kovačica in Vojvodina was nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

So far, the paintings “Slava” (2014), “Kolo” (2017), “Pevanje uz Gusle” (2018), “Zlakuska Lončarija” (2020), and “Pirotski Kilim” (2022) are nominated.

It is expected that the final decision about declaring Kovačica’s naive art intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO list will be made next year, with Serbian Culture Minister, Maja Gojković, being quite optimistic about it.

Applying for the naive painting of the Slovak national minority to be included in UNESCO’s list is based on the works of art of the Slovak national community which lives in Kovačica and Padina. This naive art is passed on from generation to generation and is one of the most significant features of Vojvodinian art.

(Vreme, 06.09.2023)

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