Slovak investors interested in opening a factory in Opovo

The Municipality of Opovo is becoming increasingly interesting to foreign investors, as evidenced in the case of the Slovak company, Agentura Evka which plans to build a production facility in the municipality where it would produce equipment for world trade fairs.

This direct investment would amount to 500,000 to 1,000,000 euro and will create around 20 new jobs.

According to Miroslav Strasiftak, the owner of this Slovak company, if the adequate land is found in Opovo, and considering the conditions offered by the local self-government, the company will proceed with the investment. However, the final decision on the investment in Opovo will be reached in the next several months. Agentura Evka operates in 60 countries worldwide.

The president of the Municipality of Opovo, Zoran Tasic, underlined the determination of the Slovak company, its reputation in the international market and the readiness of local self-government to meet all the required conditions in order for the company to build its plant in Opovo.

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“Our obligation as a local self-government is to find an adequate land plot. We are also at their disposal when it comes to the issuing of building permits. We need to prepare several potential locations and analyze how many people we have registered with the local job office who might be a good fit for the Slovak company”, Tasic added.

Tasic also talked to the owners of the Belgrade-based company Experta Piramida, Marina Jocic and Zoran Stoimenov. Their company intends to move its headquarters and the production facility to Sefkerin in the Municipality of Opovo. Experta Piramida produces confectionery and has already bought property for the said purpose and will employ around a dozen people from Opovo.

According to Tasic, the local authorities have reached their plan as far as employment goes. Three years ago, they set at creating 200 new jobs in the municipality. This goal will have been reached with Experta Piramida moving its production to Sefkerin.

The company produces hand-manufactured biscuits and has done so for 17 years. They produce 70-100 tonnes a year and distribute their products to health food stores and Maxi markets.

(Dnevnik, 22.11.2018)


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