Sloga Trade Union: Farmers are worse off because of the import lobby and corrupt government

The Sloga United Trade Unions said today that farmers have been experiencing a  decline for the past few years, and assessed that this was “exclusively the fault of the import lobby, the corrupt government and its incompetent officials”.

They supported the demands of the disgruntled farmers and indicated in a statement that “the protests simply had to happen because it farmers couldn’t take it anymore”.

After talks with the representatives of the Serbian government, the farmers temporarily suspended the blockade of the boulevard in front of the Vojvodinian government building until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, when the deadline they set for Prime Minister Ana Brnabić to come to Novi Sad for negotiations expires.

They pulled the tractors off the road, but they are still parked in front of the provincial government building.

The representative of the Initiative for the Survival of Serbian Farmers, Mileta Slankamenac, told reporters that the farmers “were asked to stop the blockade and be patient until tomorrow, until 2:00 p.m.,” and that, if the Prime Minister does not come to Novi Sad, they will put up, as he said, “much bigger blockades.” than today”.

He also said that part of the agreement was reached with government representatives and that for now, those are just promises.

Slankamenac added that they received assurances from the police that no charges would be filed against the farmers.

Apart from Prime Minister Brnabić, farmers expect Finance Minister Siniša Mali also to attend the meeting.

(Novi Magazin, 10.08.2022)

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