Slavija Lux Hotel: Matijevic’s acquisition stopped

The Commercial Court in Belgrade has ruled that the Belgrade hotel Slavija Lux could not be sold before it is ascertained whether the hotel owes 2 million EUR to the Austrian company Fil-Sar, the Danas daily reports.

The Court has thrown out the decision of the public enforcement officer Marko Vukicevic based on which the hotel in the downtown Belgrade was sold at an auction for 6.5 million EUR in mid-January to Mar Real Estate, owned by Petar Matijevic.

Matijevic accepted the clause in the sales agreement that he would not be allowed to acquire the hotel until the Commercial Court decides whether the auction had been scheduled in accordance with the relevant regulation.

The Fil-Sar Company, owned by the widow of the murdered casino owner Branislav Saranovic, is claiming 1.2 million EUR (plus trial costs) from the hotel which is the reason why the bailiff had sold the hotel to the Matijević family, the owners of the eponymous meat processing company, prior the Commercial Court’s ruling.

(Nova Ekonomija, 01.02.2018)

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