Skycleaner air purifier installed in Belgrade

People in Belgrade will be able to enjoy have a true oasis of clean air in the town centre thanks to the innovative air purifier called Skycleaner, which was installed at the beginning of Knez Mihailova Street on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The device is produced in Serbia, with foreign technology, and in 24 hours, it can purify up to 180,000 cubic metres of air and thus reduce the concentration of polluting particles.

Skycleaner was installed thanks to a donation from the Mozzart Company. “This innovative device, which will bring quality mountain-like air to the heart of the city, will purify up to 180,000 cubic metres of air in 24 hours. Now, the Serbian capital stands shoulder-to-shoulder with European metropolises such as Rome, Milan, London and Berlin,” Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić said on his Facebook profile.

He explained that this type of technology uses free ozone and patented ion technology to suck in over 75% of the most dangerous particles (PM1, PM2, PM10), hold them in the device and then release purified air, creating an oasis of clean air around the device.

“The City Institute for Public Health will measure the air quality in the area covered by the Skycleaner to demonstrate its efficiency,” said Vesić. Andrej Šoštarić from the Institute confirmed that the Institute has drawn up a plan to measure air quality and that one of the measures was the installation of air purifiers.

(Kurir, 07.06.2021)

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