Skeletons from Viminacium to be exhibited in Belgrade during Night of Museums

Incredible remnants of old Romans and members of various other nations who lived in the former legion camp near the Danube will be moved to Belgrade to be exhibited during the Night of Museums on 19th May, at the Museum of Anatomy of Man at the Institute for Anatomy of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade.

This will be the first time that the inhabitants of the former Roman metropolis will be moved out of Viminacium.

In fact, this marks the beginning of the cooperation between the Archeological Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU) and the Faculty of Medicine on the Viminacium project.

According to the protocol, which will be signed between these institutions on1st May, the Anatomy Department of the Faculty of Medicine will, for the first time ever, analyze these skeletal remnants, on the basis of which it will be able to increase their knowledge about the anatomy, diseases, and their treatment of the people who lived in this ancient Roman city.

The main anthropologist at Viminacium, Ilija Mikic says that they are yet to select the remnants that will be exhibited at the Museum of Anatomy of Men, but can confirm that the exhibits will include at least one skull from the tribe of Gepids, which bandaged their children’s heads in a way to make them longer.

The head of the anatomy department, Milan Milisavljevic says that the remnants will be exhibited in the corridors of the Institute for Anatomy.

“We got 10 new glass cases for the skeletons from Viminacium. After the Night of Museums finishes, the exhibits will remain with us as a permanent exhibition and will also be used for teaching medical and dental students,” Milisavljevic said.

(B92, 29.04.2018)

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