Skadarlija: Beer, wine and juice fountains

The Bohemian Belgrade quarter of Skadarlija could be getting unusual fountains from which the people will be able to drink Serbian beers, wines and raspberry juice.

The President of the Skadarlija Society, Dragan Gligorijevic says that they will forge public-private partnership with the Slovakian company Etra that is due to present the mobile fountains / taps soon. One of the fountains will be located at the very entrance to Skadarlija, near the Velika Skadarlija restaurant, another at the entrance to the Francuska Street near the Srpski Velikani restaurant, and the last one near the Familija restaurant.

“We are currently looking for an interested party from the Serbian side, and an approval from the city government”, Gligorijevic says and adds that apart from beer, wine and fruit juice, people will also be able to drink the famous Skadarlija water from the taps which is thought to be the best water in Belgrade quality-wise.

The fountains will be electric and people will have to buy a mug with a chip at the bottom which will entitle them to a certain number of drinks that go with the mug they have bought. Beer, wine and juice will be located underground, and every pour will be monitored by a computer.

“There will be seating areas around the fountains too, in a form of a gazebo. The whole design has to fit the spirit of Skadarlija perfectly”, Gligorijevic satys.

Apart from these fountains, Skadarlija will get its first children restaurant next year, in the current location of the Dva Bela Goluba restaurant. The idea behind it is for children to be able to take their parents out, and have a cup of hot chocolate with them while sitting on wooden horses instead of chairs.

(eKapija, 18.07.2017)


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