Six mines to be opened in Serbia soon

In the next few years, six new mines will be opened in Serbia – says assistant Minister of Mining and Geology, Sinisa Tanackovic.

“Near Bor, we are going to open a copper mine. Then there is a lithium mine near Loynica, and the stone coal mine near Zvonacka Banja”, Tanackovic adds.

Furthermore, an iron mine will be opened in Western Serbia, as will a lead and zink mine near Bosilegrade, and a coal strip mine near Radjevo.

Mining makes 1.5% of the Serbian national GDP, and once these six mines are opened, the mining revenue will increase to make 3.5% of the GDP.

A total of 22,000 workers are employed in the mining and geological sector in Serbia, and there are 160 companies that are exploiting mineral ore in 250 locations.

“The most valuable mining resource in Serbia is the Lithium deposits in the Jadar basin, near Loznica. Once this mine becomes operational, we are going to extract enough Lithium to cover 10% of the global needs for this metal, and 90% of the European needs”, Tanackovic explains and adds that there are 135 mines in Serbia approved for geological exploration with another 40 exploration permissions to be issued by the Serbian government.

(Vecernje Novosti, 06.11.2017)

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