Situation in Kosovo under control

The outgoing KFOR commander, General Franco Federici, said, the day before he was to be replaced by the Hungarian brigade commander, Ferenc Kajari, that “the situation in Kosovo is calm and there is no danger of a possible escalation”.

“First of all, I would like to underline that the Kosovo Police and the Kosovo Security Forces are in charge of security in Kosovo. They have the right to enforce the law throughout Kosovo. The Special Security Forces operate under the Kosovo Police and can conduct operations throughout Kosovo, using their special equipment. When it comes to the Kosovo Security Force, the situation is different. They can carry out actions with my prior approval,” Federici told Tanjug news agency.

Commenting on Wednesday’s incidents, when Kosovo police used live ammunition during riots and a Serb was seriously injured, Federici said that “Kosovo police were entitled to conduct this operation”.

“The operation was not only conducted in the north of Kosovo, but also in other cities throughout the Kosovo territory,” he said. The NATO-led KFOR mission is in contact with all those involved in security and institutions in Kosovo. We continue to monitor the situation and act according to the UN Resolution 1244,” Federici added.

General Federici also said that he was in favour of the implementation of the Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. When asked to comment on the large number of attacks against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, Federici highlighted once again that the security situation was under control.

(Blic, 14.10.2021)

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