Sinvon Company from Niš fires 200 workers via a text message

The Sinvon Company, the sister company of YURA from South Korea, which launched operations in Niš in 2011 and produces cables for the automotive industry, informed their 200 workers via a text message that they could not extend the existing job contracts due to the reduced volume of business.

The news was confirmed by a worker who received the text message from service personnel.

“Please be advised that due to the reduced volume of work in the upcoming period, we are unable to extend your job contract. Please contact the HR office next week, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to pick up your paperwork and settle any outstanding balances,” the text message reads.

Formally, as an attorney explained, the workers were not fired by the employer, but their employment contract was terminated when the term expired.

At the opening of the factory in 2011, it had been announced that the South Korean company had been given state subsidies amounting to three million euro on the account of hiring 300 workers. Sinvon hired 190 people fewer than the agreed and received no subsidies at a later stage.

(Mondo, 02.02.2021)

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