Sinisa Mali:”Subway to be finished in 2028 – Belgrade citizens will pick the trains”

Serbia’s Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said the Serbian delegation will take part in talks on the construction of the Belgrade subway in Paris next week, more precisely on the structure of its financing in the amount of 454 million euro.

According to the Finance Ministry, one of the topics in Paris talks will be the models of train cars that will be used by Belgrade citizens.

“We are going there to discuss the details, agree on the structure of financing in the amount of 454 million euro, which is the part we will fund together,” Mali told Prva TV.

The minister also said the Belgrade citizens will have the opportunity to ride on the subway in 2028.

At the meeting with their French counterparts, Serbian delegation will be presented the car composition.

“We will have an opportunity to see six compositions and we will pick three of them. We will then give it to citizens to vote for one. That is going to be the state-of-the-art automatic subway,” he underlined.

(, 31.01.2021)



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