Siniša Mali’s lawyer wins a deal with EXPO

Belgrade-based attorney Igor Isailović, who collaborated with Serbian Finance Minister Siniša Mali but also with other businessmen linked to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), has been awarded a contract worth over 14 million dinars for legal services to be provided in the implementation of the specialized EXPO 2027 project.

According to the information posted on the Public Procurement portal, the provision of legal services was estimated at 12 million dinars (excluding VAT), and Isailović got the job because he had the lowest bid, amounting to 60,000 dinars less than the estimated value.

When VAT is added, the contract will be worth 14.33 million dinars for providing legal services to the state authorities, that is, to the EXPO 2027 d.o.o. Company, based in Belgrade.

The tender was launched on the Public Procurement portal on May 8 and the decision to award the contract to Isailović was published on Tuesday, May 28.

Two other attorneys took part in the race for the contract worth over 122,000 euros, but both submitted bids above the estimated value.

The media reported about Isailović in 2020 when the Beograđanka Tower was sold. He represented the buyers – Marera Properties.

Mali’s ex-wife introduced Isailović to Mali. In her interview for the KRIK investigative website, she said that Isailović helped Mali not to get in trouble before the Anti-Corruption Agency in regard to the origin of 95,000 euros.

“Siniša and his lawyer Igor Isailović told me to say that I inherited the money from my father and that I planned to spend it on everyday living costs. Isailović urged me to give a written statement in front of the Anti-Corruption Agency regarding this. I told him it was out of the question. I still keep correspondence with him”, said Marija Mali in 2017.

(, 28.05.2024)

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