Sinisa Mali: “100 euro to pensioners from 15 May, other citizens will have to claim the money”

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali says that the Serbian authorities have tried to fight for every job and to help small businesses that need help. “The whole world is facing the biggest economic crisis ever. We have developed strong and global measures to support the economy,” he said on the PINK TV.

In just 12 days, Serbia came out with serious measures to support the economy, amounting to 600.8 billion dinars, which is half of the country’s annual budget, Mali added.

“Only six countries have devised such substantial measures – the United States, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, maybe a few other countries and Serbia,” he said.

According to him, thanks to its economic strength, the state has been able to bear the weight of the crisis.

“These measures would not have been possible if we had not implemented the reforms, if we did not have the strength to support our economy with 5.1 billion euro to overcome this crisis,” said Mali.

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He also pointed out that foreign companies from France and Germany, which are operational in Serbia, are calling to ask when the business sector will start functioning again in Serbia.

“Tomorrow, we will adopt measures for the budget review, which will include all these economic measures, while the disbursement of the minimum wage will start in the first week of May. We will also adopt the one-off decree stipulating disbursement of 100 euro to every adult Serbian citizen. We will automatically pay 100 euro to pensioners, 1.7 million of them, and to all those citizens who are already on welfare. After that, other citizens will have to claim 100 euro, i.e. say if they want the money or not,” Mali explained.

The Finance Minister added that the money could be claimed by calling a designated phone number, because quite a few people had already stated that they did not want the money.

“Tomorrow, after we adopt the budget review decree, we will allocate 2 billion dinars for 400,000 new tourist vouchers worth 5,000 dinars for Serbian citizens which they can use to holiday in Serbia,” he said.

(B92, 24.04.2020)

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