Significant investment in Azure Data team in Serbia

The Microsoft Development Centre Serbia has received a significant investment towards the expansion of the team working on the development of Azure Data service. The new 60 job vacations represent growth of as much as 20% for the Microsoft Development Centre (MCDS), and as much as 30% for the Azure Data team working for the Centre.

“Our Azure Data team is very well positioned as the primary location for research and development in Europe, which is further confirmed by this investment. Furthermore, the investment received by the MDCS is now in line with the largest development centres (in America and Asia),” said Dragan Tomic, Director of the Microsoft Development Centre in Belgrade.

 “This investment is great news for the MDCS, and for the local IT community as well. The investment will be used to improving the existing products, but we are also starting a new initiative (which is currently a secret). This is the time when companies are reviewing their investments, and since we are work in a segment of Microsoft that has to deal the most complex struggle with the competition, the corporation has decided to seriously invest in our team in Serbia,” Tomic outlines.

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 When asked what did the investment mean for Serbia, Tomic said:

“Creation of 60 jobs in the MDCS will have an impact on the local economy, more so than jobs in some other industries. I am referring to the working conditions and salaries that meet global standards. From an economic point of view, this is an important investment, but I think that the whole picture should be looked at more broadly. We are talking about 60 families who will stay in Serbia and a lot of children who will grow up here. Also, our people work on the most important technologies and create knowledge that is extremely valuable. They work in the best teams in the world, and therefore learn the best methods of work.”

 (N1, 23.12.2020)


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