Significant increases in prices of agricultural products in Serbia

Prices of agricultural and fishery products in January this year, went up by 18.3%, compared to the same month last year – says the National Statistics Bureau (RZS).

The price of cereals increased by 24.7%, industrial plants by 24.6% and beef and poultry by 22.6%. Potato prices went up by almost 119% in January this year compared to January last year, vegetables 46.6% and wheat 34.4% more. Fruit, on the other hand, now costs 28% less and is the only product that has become cheaper during this period.

Compared to the previous month, prices are 0.5% higher and looking at the whole year, prices in 2021 went up 20.8% compared to the previous year.

The prices of fruit grew the most – 50.3%, industrial plants by 46.1% and cereals by 26.8%. The only two food categories that became cheaper compared to last year are pork (5%) and fish and fish-based products (2%).

(Danas, 23.03.2022)


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