Siemens to start producing train cars for London’s underground in Kragujevac?

Germany’s Siemens has built another factory unit in the Industrial Zone of Sobovica near Kragujevac, where it will build trams.

Apart from producing train cars for the Austrian railway and trams to be used in Belgrade, the company is going to start producing train cars for the London underground, according to several Serbian media outlets.

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Not much has been reported about Siemens’ factory near Kragujevac, as the renowned German company kept the entire endeavour quite secretive, but what we do know is that Siemens completed building its plant for production aluminium train cars in the Sobovica Industrial Zone near Kragujevac in November last year, and the first products manufactured were exported to Austria, to be used in the country’s rail network.

The details about the factory are scarce but the German giant does plan to employ a total of 2,000 workers at the factory, in addition in addition to the 500 workers hired through the acquisition of the factory from Milanovic Inzenjering.

(B92, 05.04.2019)

Photo credits: TFL

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