Siemens to double number of its workers in Serbia in next five years

Siemens Beograd has met its goals for the business year 2018, and its participation in the implemention of capital projects in the Republic of Serbia has positioned the company as a reliable partner to the domestic economy.

As Udo Eichlinger, CEO of Siemens Beograd, told the press, the company expects to double the number of its employees in Serbia thanks to the additional increase in the production.

“This year, we realized a significant number of projects in all the fields we operate in and I am confident that we will continue supporting economic growth of Serbia with our innovative technologies and solutions”, Eichlinger stated.

He added that the company focuses on promoting and implementing digitalization and digital solutions.

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“Siemens is a pioneer in the field of digitalization in Serbia and our goal is to present new products and solutions in this field to our customers, as well as to explain how digitalization can improve one’s operations and competitiveness in the market. Our employees are actively following the trends and changes in the market so as to be able to respond to customers’ needs and offer solutions adapted to specific needs, aiming to enhance the existing processes”, Eichlinger added.

In Serbia, Siemens operates in industry, energy, and oil and gas segments and has two factories, in Subotica and Kragujevac, with over 2,500 employees. Of those, more than 1,600 workers are employed in Subotica. The company is planning to employ more people at its Subotica plant, thanks to the additional increase of the production.

In February, Siemens took over Milanovic Inzenjering, the producer of aluminum body components for trains from Kragujevac, thus broadening its international network of producers with this acquisition.

(Seebiz, 18.12.2018)


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