Siemens Increases Business in Serbia and Makes New Hires

The Siemens factory in Subotica which makes wind generators has begun the process of hiring 220 new workers. The first 130 will be hired immediately and the others will be hired before the end of September.

Siemens is consolidating the growth projects that Aleksandar Vucic and the new facility manager for the German multinational corporation, Udo Ajhlinger, announced last month in Munich.

The training will last three months. “My impression is very positive and there is a climate of unity among the workers. The oldest workers serve as mentors and share their skills and their experience. Discipline will pay dividends,” affirmed Darko Komesarović, one of the new hires. “I have nothing to complain about. There are young people who have just finished school, other older people, and some who are middle-aged. This is serious work and I see that they take it seriously,” declared Goran Mukić, one of the mentors among the workers.  

With the new projects, the Siemens workforce in Serbia will reach 1500. an additional twenty-four bar turners/welders are being trained with the help of GIZ, the technical school in Subotica.

The German giant opened the factory in Subotica in 2003, and the growth has been continuous. Every month, the factory produces 180 generators for export. The first priority is energy efficiency, and the factory’s goal is to reduce the energy used during production by 50%.

(RTS, 17.08.2015)

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