Sibul (LSV): Toennies is about to turn Vojvodina into a pigsty

President of the League of Vojvodinian Farmers, and a member of the League of Social-Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV), Milos Sibul is appealing to ministers of agriculture, environmental protection and economy to disclose the real truth about the arrival of the German meat company, Toennies to Serbia.

Sibul asks what is the real value of future investments by Toennies – 300 million EUR, as announced, or 100 million EUR, as media report?

“Nobody knows the actual capacity of these pig farms – is it going to be between 700,000 and 800,000 to begin with, and grow to 3 million as announced? Or will it be less? Is true that Toennies, who was given 2,544 hectares of land near Kikinda in lease, also got 2,400 hectares of land near Zrenjanin under same conditions? Is it true that he has postponed the entire investment deal for two years, and if this is true, why did he do so?”, Sibul asks.

He also wonders which places in Vojvodina are going to have to give up 5,000 hectares of land that is to be leased to Toennies too.

“Is it true that the decision about leasing the land to Toennies for the period of 30 years will be made urgently, just like in the case of Kikinda and Zrenjanin, so that the local opposition MPs wouldn’t have enough time to protest?! Why should we lease land to Toennies in the first place when nobody knows when or whether he will actually build farms and abattoirs?”, Sibul wonders.

He is also unsure how is the Serbian government going to protect domestic producers, and asks why Toennies wouldn’t buy pigs from domicile farmers, like in Denmark, and support rural areas and pig farming in Serbia in that way.

“Why is Toennies being given the best land? What kind of technology and equipment is going to bring here? How is the company going to deal with the issues of unpleasant odours, waste waters and land pollution? Is all of this going to be regulated just like in Germany or not?”, Sibul poses more questions that nobody is giving any answers to as yet.

(Beta, 28.11.2017)

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