Sheikh bin Zayed begins construction of a hotel in Kopaonik

Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed al Nahyan is going to commence construction of a hotel on the Kopaonik Mountain in a few days.

The opening of this luxurious hotel complex, which will be in the place of the defunct Jugobanka Hotel which the Sheikh bought directly from the Serbian government, is scheduled for the winter of 2017.

The search for workers started in late August following the drafting of a detailed construction plan.

The construction will be suspended in December and continue in spring. “The works will continue in March and one of the most beautiful hotels in the entire region will be built shortly after that. This will be a five-star-hotel and its interior will be designed by the most renowned interior designers”, said our source.

(Blic, 13.09.2015)

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  1. jvcdd says:

    “most renowned interior designers” said A source? According to who ??? What does this even mean??? Everything I’ve ever seen around the WHOLE Balkans not just Serbia is always 99.9% tacky to say the least. GOOD LUCK!

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