Shadow economy: Inspectors to monitor sales activities on Facebook

The state authorities are gearing up to deal with shadow economy on Facebook and Instagram, particularly the sale of dietary supplements via these two social media outlets.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ivan Bosnjak confirms that the authorities have been preparing systemic measures in order to control the sales of products via these two social media outlets, particularly the excise goods.

“E-commerce is an everyday occurrence in any country today, and although our country is at the very beginning regarding e-commerce, the relevant data has shown that online shadow economy is starting to outgrow the one in outdoor and indoor markets in Serbia. The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication has been trying to inform the consumers about the rights that they have when buying online, as well as about the traps that await them in this type of commerce. The Ministry has also developed an e-certification called e-Trustmark as a guarantee of safe and legal online trade”, Bosnjak adds.

He also says that inspectors have started to monitor commercial activities on social media like Facebook and Instagram too.

“They are particularly focusing on online trading of tobacco and tobacco-based products, protection of intellectual property rights, and various agencies and small artisan businesses conducting unregistered advertising and services. Inspectors are conducting this kind of supervision independently, or in collaboration with the police. According to the information I have, the Ministry is devising a plan on how to curb illegal online sale of dietary supplements too”, Bosnjak adds. 

(B92, 12.12.2017)



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