Sexual harassment: New amendments to Criminal Code

Indecent text messages, harassing phone calls, and unsolicited courting are all now punishable by Serbian law as they constitute sexual harassment.

Be it in family or at work, you will not longer be allowed to tell sexually inappropriate jokes, say rude comments or engage in unsuitable behaviour. Any gesture that is deemed uncomfortable to the person to whom it is directed, especially women, will be punished by law.

These are just some of the novelties stated in the amendments to the Serbian Criminal Code. Family violence is now re-formulated as violence in partnership relations with family abuse now treated much more severely by law.

Lawyer Nebojsa Perovic says that stalking over a longer period of time is also now considered a criminal offence and is not strictly applicable to women as victims.

“In Western countries, stalking has been a criminal offence for almost 20 years now. If somebody doesn’t want to have a contact with another person and stalker’s actions are causing discomfort and anxiety to the victim, than that constitutes a criminal offence”, Perovic explains.

According to the new amendments to the Criminal Code, anybody harassing or coercing minors, seniors or disabled people into something they don’t want to do could be reported to the police.

Stalking, sexual harassment, coercing children into witnessing sexual acts, forced marriage, and mutilation of female sexual organs are, as of tomorrow, prohibited by the amendments to the Criminal Code.

There are also financial penalties for sexual harassment by a partner or work colleague, and if the harassed person is a minor (under the age of 18), than the penalty is six months in prison.

(Vecernje Novosti, 31.05.2017)


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