Seven construction related fees to be abolished

The draft Law on State Administrative Fees stipulates abolition of seven construction fees, and if adopted, these stipulations could save developers up to 6% of the value of the facility that is being built – the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure says.

The Serbian government had already approved of the draft law which was submitted by the Ministry, and has forwarded it to the National Parliament for adoption.

The biggest amendment to the law relates to the use permit tax which will no longer be considered as a parafiscal levy which, in turn, will result in reducing number of buildings which were built without a use permit. According to the Ministry, this fee will be determined in line with the time needed for the use permit application to be processed by the relevant bodies, and not in the fixed amount of 0.2% of a building’s preliminary value.

Another fee that will be reduced is the warehouse fee which currently stands at 56,000 dinars. If the draft law is adopted by the Parliament, this fee will range between 1,800 and 18,000 dinars depending on how complex is the facility that is being built.

The draft law also proposes abolition of the fee on approval of construction near border crossings, the fee on issuing confirmation that developer has submitted relevant construction documents, and the fee on approval of construction of telecommunication facilities.

Additional fees that are supposed to be cancelled are approval for the use of the facility by the relevant  telecommunications body, as well as the fee on the approval of building’s trial period.

Furthermore, if the Parliament passes the draft law, there will be no more fee on issuing the approval of the conducted inspection of building’s foundation which currently stands at 1,600 dinars.

(Dnevnik, 05.12.2017)


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