Session of Interpol’s General Assembly on brink of incident

Interpol’s General Assembly has started its session in Dubai and despite many countries/Interpol members, objecting to the Assembly discussing Kosovo’s potential membership, this topic was included in the general agenda – says Serbian Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic.

“Unfortunately, although we have repeatedly warned that international law is being jeopardized in this case, such a decision shows that the so-called Corell Resolution, adopted by the General Assembly in Beijing last year, remains only a dead letter”, underlined Stefanovic, who heads the Serbian delegation at the Assembly meeting.

He also indicated that accepting Kosovo as a member, which is a constitutional part of Serbia but declared unilateral independence in 2008, was also a flagrant violation of what was established by the Security Council in June 1999, as well as other international norms regulating Interpol membership.

Stefanovic regretted that a certain number of Interpol member countries did not take seriously enough the possible long-term consequences of such a scenario and urged them to re-consider accepting Kosovo into Interpol.

Also, Belgrade-based media have reported, quoting unofficial sources, that a member of Pristina delegation provoked one of the members of the Serbian delegation, even engaging in a light physical altercation.

Furthermore, the Assembly session had several protocol breaches, one done by Interpol’s Secretariat General.  

Going against the usual procedure, the Secretariat General is chairing the 87th session of the General Assembly. In his introductory speech, Secretary General Jürgen Stock devoted most of his time to the resignation of the now former President of Interpol, Meng Hongwei.

Interpol’s legal advisor, Mary Rodriguez, which chaired the session with the approval of the head of Interpol, the South Korean, Kim Jong Yang, gave a very personal interpretation of the objections made by the member countries about this year’s agenda, including those from Serbia. In doing so, she has thus violated Interpol’s rules and procedures by not taking into account the remarks, which clearly indicates a violation of international law.

Nearly 1,000 representatives from 173 countries are participating in the General Assembly. Among them are 85 chiefs of police and 40 ministers.

The theme of this year’s 87th General Assembly is the role of the police in the era of informatics.

China supports Serbia

On the margins of the Interpol General Assembly session, Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic and met with Duan Daqi, the head of the Chinese delegation, to discuss the forthcoming vote on Kosovo’s admission to this police organization. During the meeting, Daqi said China supported Serbia’s position regarding Kosovo’s admission and fully respected Serbia’s territorial sovereignty.

(Politika, 18.11.2018)


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