Šešelj and Dačić offer themselves for the position of new Prime Minister

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), namely its leader Aleksandar Vučić, does not seem to have any problems in deciding who will be the new Prime Minister if after the elections he has the opportunity to form the government and elect the coalition partners.

The leader of the Socialist Party (SPS) Ivica Dacic and the president of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Vojislav Seselj are both vying for this post.

The main candidate on the ballot of the Socialist Party of Serbia and United Serbia coalition and the current parliament speaker, Ivica Dacic, said yesterday at a conference in Zrenjanin that he will be a PM again.

Also, when asked if there is a possibility that after the elections the Radicals will be part of the government together with the Serbian Progressive Party, Vojislav Seselj said that it will be possible under some conditions.

„If the SNS cannot form the majority in the Parliament by itself, I will choose the position of Prime Minister for myself and I already have candidates for government ministers,“ said Seselj.

Both SPS and SNS have agreed to go to the polls separately but will continue their strategic cooperation. Whether this strategic cooperation means that Dacic, as a smaller coalition partner, will be the next Prime Minister, is not known.

(Danas, 09.03.2022)



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