Sergej Trifunovic: Free Citizens Movement will boycott the election

The opposition block party, the Free Citizens Movement (PSG) said on Monday that it would not take part in the coming Serbian parliamentary elections.

“The Movement has decided that it will turn out for elections but only when the conditions are right. At this time we can only conclude with regret that not even the least of those conditions are in place at this moment,” PSG leader Sergej Trifunovic told a news conference.  

“By signing the Agreement with the People, we have made a commitment to fight. The fight is not the least bit comfortable. We know that we are fighting that fight at the expense of our own rating, and I think it is much more important for Serbia to get a fair election than for us to win 2% or 3% of votes, “Trifunovic said.

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He said that the PSG has not considered a boycott campaign. “A boycott is just a tool and we are interested in better election conditions,” he said.  

Trifunovic said that “a moratorium on freedom of speech and thought is in force” in Serbia at present. “Trust in democracy is at the lowest possible level since a multi-party system was introduced in Serbia,” he said and added that the PSG does not want to take part in a simulation of democracy.  

He called the European Union to form a working group to analyze the state of what he said are captive institutions in the country.  

Trifunovic also asked the EU to produce an independent report on the state of the media and the rule of law in Serbia.

He also asked why the government was trying to trample all the prerequisites of free elections by lowering the election threshold.

Other opposition movements – “Ne Davimo Beograd” and “Jedan od Pet Miliona” – have backed up PSG’s decision to boycott the parliamentary and local elections that are due to take place in a few months.

(Nedeljnik, 20.01.2020)



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