Serbs rank 17th in the world for their command of the English language

Serbia ranks 17th in the world out of all countries that speak English as a foreign language, according to a survey conducted by the Education First organization called “English Proficiency Index”, which summarizes the results of language tests in 100 countries.

Transcom, the largest Swedish company operating in Serbia, believes that a high level of knowledge of foreign languages attracts foreign investments to the country.

“English is the language of innovation, technology, diplomacy and, regardless of whether you are work in a supermarket, or you are a student or a professional athlete or a university professor, you will not be able to do without English in the future,” says Violeta Petrovic-Pilipovic of Transcom.

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According to the latest estimates, 1.5 billion people are learning English.

“The high level of foreign language proficiency in Serbia is also noted by our employees who cover the British market. We are praised for the correct grammar and the absence of a specific accent,” said Petrovic-Pilipovic.

Belgrade, according to her, is on the list of cities with an excellent command of English:

“This is, among other things, a consequence of foreign investments, the development of the IT sector, the positioning of Belgrade as a tourist destination and the dominant position of English as a foreign language in Serbian schools,” she explains.

Petrovic-Pilipovic points out that, in addition to English, Serbs also have a talent for other languages and adds that the Serbian market is one of the few in which Transcom operates in 13 languages.

(Dnevnik, 17.12.2019)



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