Serbs continuing to remove the barricades in north Kosovo

The barricades set up by the Serbs in north Kosovo in protest against the arrest of their compatriots and the arrival of Kosovo special forces in this part of Kosovo and Metohija are being removed, reports Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS).

The Merdare administrative border crossing between Serbia proper and Kosovo, which was closed by the Kosovo Police because of the barricades on the Serbian side, has been reopened, said the Kosovo Police.

The biggest barricade in the village of Rudare was removed to allow traffic to resume along the road to Pristin. That barricade included trucks and sand-filled containers.

Another two barricades were removed from the road leading to and from the Jarinje crossing outside Zubin Potok.

The N1 reporter said that local people have voiced their fears about the Pristina authorities compiling lists of Serbs they want to arrest.

Locals are divided over the removal of the barricades with some demanding that they remain in place until the last of the Kosovo special police units withdraw from the north.

(Dnevnik, N1, 30.12.2022)

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